Sunday, January 24, 2010

Late Night Thoughts

It's 11:39. I'm usually dead to the world by now, but I'm sitting at a computer that I've now moved to the basement for my music arranging projects. Staying up late, waiting on the glue to dry on some pipes I've patched so I can turn on the water to the house before I get some shut-eye.

At the risk of sounding like a religious nutcase, I'd like to invite you to give some thought to the possibilities of the unknown. Do you know everything there is to know? I sure don't. Half of everything? Me neither. A tenth? Not me. Considering how much there is to know that the human race doesn't know, don't you think that maybe God might be somewhere in that vast expanse of the unknown? Consider the possibility.

I've made no attempt to hide the fact that I'm what is called by some as a born-again Christian. I'd hardly say I fit that mold, though. The whole concept for me conjures up imagery of some guy in a bad suit and slicked-back hair waving his Bible around and almost yelling that everyone who doesn't "get saved" is going to Hell. Maybe it's because that's where I've heard the term used most. *shrug*.

I've no idea what my reputation in the Haiku / BeOS community is, but in real life, just about every stereotype I can think of that you could throw at me doesn't fit. I'm an introvert who likes the company of people, a geek and an enigma in the company of my fellow teachers, a right-brained band dork in the presence of real geeks and engineers, and I have a really hard time fitting in with my fellow believers at church. Anyone who knows me, though, will agree that I'm a straight-shooter who's almost honest to a fault and a free thinker.

From time to time, I'll probably write something to give you a little food for thought. Christians have an image of being supposedly perfect, having it together, of being judgmental or narrow-minded, mentally weak, using their faith as a crutch to get them through life, and a host of many other things.

Let me be real with you all. No Bible thumping (yuck!). No "repent or die!" No debates on creation vs. evolution. Just a guy who thinks he's found the way and is the first to say he doesn't understand it all or have all the answers. Have a good one, wherever you are. :-)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The IE6 Google Hack Worsens, Good for the Rest of Us

Any time I see bad news for Micro$oft like this, I it makes me happy. Really happy. Especially when Redmond knew about the exploit since September. The company that does so much to try to keep a strangehold on the minds and pocketbooks of millions of computer users has taken more than a few lumps this time around. Good. No wonder the French government has joined Germany in telling its citizens to stop using IE. Does this mean that I can't stand the people at M$? Nah. Not even Steve Ballmer or Mr. Gates himself. I just can't tolerate their computer products.

All of this just makes me wonder: how many of these exploits are going to come to light before users start taking the hint?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Why I Still Run Ubuntu Jaunty

I've been really disappointed with Ubuntu Karmic Koala since just shortly after its release last October. My main computer at home runs Jaunty after a nice fiasco of upgrading, playing with it actively for about two weeks, and then downgrading. I have a couple other machines that run it so I can see if it has improved any. I can safely say that in the months since its release, it hasn't really gotten much better.

Need some examples? I just installed Karmic using Wubi this weekend. Guess what? Updating her machine rendered it unbootable. SuperTux, a fun mario-like game, works great under Jaunty and crashes merrily under Karmic. The "unstable" development version, however, runs just fine. How ironic.

Grub2, despite being a beta, is the default bootloader for clean installs. In the years of Ubuntu use that I've had, I've reluctantly learned enough about the first one to do what I need -- which is nothing fancy. Now it's been made even more difficult for Joe Average (or even Joe Technical-But-Lazy) to do what needs done.

I really can't wait to see if Lucid Lynx is any better. I sure hope it is.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The IE 0-Day == Good News For Other Browsers

At least if you're a proponent of using a browser besides Internet Exploiter. The 0-day attack last month that nailed Google and 30+ other companies is now a real reason to tell regular people to prefer another browser. According to C|Net, the source code for the exploit is now out there for anyone to use examine. The German government has recommended that its citizens use something else until Microsoft issues a patch. Having a notable government make such a recommendation speaks volumes about security and certainly would help your position in an argument. My thought: why bother going back?

Friday, January 15, 2010

I Need a Life

It dawned on me that I'm something of a black box. Since I enjoy writing, I figured that this could be a place for me to talk about anything... kinda like Bryan Varner's blog subtitle: "the runoff of my brain in digital form" with the difference that it's distilled. Stuff I'm thinking, uncensored, unedited, and uncut. Watch this space!